Boy Scout Troop 940

We will paint a Fleur de Lis symbol on the curb/street to mark the location of the sleeve.


We will post a flag in your yard early in the morning of the six holidays.


We will retire the flag from your yard on or near dusk on the six holidays.


In the event of severe weather, the flags will be posted/retired at an alternate time.

1.  ​Troop 940 will place a plastic sleeve in your yard, cap it and mark the curb/street at its location. The sleeve will be flush with the ground requiring no maintenance on your part. The sleeve will not interfere with mowing. 

2.  An American flag will be placed (posted) at dawn and collected (retired) on six national flag display days.

The holidays included are:

3.  There is an annual service fee of $35.00 that covers all six holidays. The service will begin on the first holiday after you sign up. Visit the sign up page to begin participating in Flags Over West Chester today!

Flags Over West Chester is the major fundraising project for Boy Scout Troop 940. Besides helping the Scouts raise money for camping expenses, the project helps build community spirit, patriotism, awareness, leadership and responsibility while also providing a service to you. 

By participating in Flags Over West Chester, you will help instill values, encourage and support character growth in our Scouts. You will also be displaying your patriotism when these flags fly proudly in your neighborhood.

The marker below represent neighborhoods we currently service. Unfortunately we cannot service all of the neighborhoods in West Chester just current areas can be added.


**It is your responsibility to ensure this is permitted in your neighborhood and to identify any utility supply lines, sprinkler systems, pet containment systems which must be avoided during installation.**

Installation location should be 12-18” from the curb/street near the center of your lawn.

We will install flagpole sleeve made from a one foot section of PVC pipe in your yard 18 inches from the curb/street.  This pipe will be installed low enough not to interfere with regular lawn mowing.

Labor Day
Patriot's Day
Veteran's Day

Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence Day

Display the Flag of the United States of America in your yard on six
All-American holidays! Show the community your patriotism and 

support local Boy Scouts!

Flags over west chester